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incubus fiction
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So you have a fan fic and in somewhay it has incubus in it?
Well heres a place to post it if you want creative criticism or if you just want to read some incubus fiction.

Sister community

This community was created the day it became necessary to have a place open to all writers of all race, creed, gender, geographic location and level of writing ability where intellectual property of fiction written by fans could be left "unlocked" to exchange under the heading of fan fiction efforts. The characters herein are intellectual property of the author's of the fictional work whether it be visual, audio or print. The characters depicted are loosely based on individuals to which they are the namesake. The characters and are in no way, shape or form claiming to be a true and accurate representation of said individuals whom they are depicting. All works of fiction within the community are non profit, written for purposes of entertainment and are not written for purposes of libel, defamation or malintent. Again, the intention of the author's and their work within this community is not to commit libel, defamation or to report any instances which may or may not have actually happened. The author's do not claim to be persons depicted in the works of fiction living or deceased. The authors do not claim to know personally any of the characters living or deceased. The authors do not claim to be in the possession of any information that may implicate their fictitious intellectual property as being false or true and will not be held accountable as though the creation of their intellectual property was an admission as such.

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